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Our wines and awards

"Although we started in 1977, we did not succeed in producing a reasonable wine until 1985. After 15 years of experimenting we decided to plant a vineyard of this size." "Then, encouraged by admirers of the wine", explained Marius, "I decided to participate in wine contests in Europe. Since the end of the 80's I've been occasionally present on the famous International contest in Ljubljana (Slovenia) where thousands of different wines are presented to wine experts. Three times did our white wine win a silver medal leaving renowned wineries far behind (1989, 1991, and 1994).

As wine quality is subject to climatic influences, differences in wine-years may occur. The following table is an indication of that.

Recently, 'De Linie' white wine was awarded with a silver medal at 'Vinoforum 2005' in Znojmo (Czech Republik). Our wine ended 19th among 155 participants. This wine contest was a promotion festival for small wine producing countries like Czech Republic, New Zealand, Slovakia, Croatia,
South-Afrika, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Slovenia, Chile, Hungary, Macedonia and Great-Britain. 

Avaliable in the air !

As our wine is so well appreciated, KLM Royal Dutch airlines (now part of Air France / KLM) decided to serve wine in their business class as of september 2006.

Wine years



2005 White wine De Linie 2005 flies around the globe

Dutch / French air line 'Air France / KLM' will make break-through Dutch white wine. For the first time in KLM's history they will business class passengers serve this multiple award winning wine.

"A very clear and proud choice for our own product", Jan Meurer says, manager at KLM, responsible for cabin crew and on-board food and beverages. "Wine sampling proved to be a succes, everybody involved was enthousiast", he acclaimed. It's all about dry white wine 'De Linie 2005', for which has been designed a special label for its maiden flight.
2004 White wine De Linie 2004

Compared to sunny 2003 2004 wasn't an easy year for wine maker Marius van Stokkom. But due to his sophisticated skills and craftmanship slow ripening grapes could be harvested in great health. Vinification has led to wine with harmonious balance in color, flavour and taste. White wine 2004 shows pale yellow color with an elegant fresh flavour. A unique dutch wine competing with top foreign wines.

Rose wine De Linie 2004

A rose wine of 'Provence' quality. A fine ‘pélure d’oignon’ color is typical for vintage 2004. A refreshing wine suitable to accompany certain starters and white meat. It's also juicy and supple and will certainly be enjoyed on summer pavements.

Red wine De Linie 2004

Again a hidden piece of fine craftmanship! De Linie red wine 2004 presents itself as a thoroughbred; lots of color, intensity and structure. A wine with 'bite'. Small hints of wood are recognized and will integrate in few months of rest. Its true character is already available in the glass; a bold, fruity wine with flavours of cassis and vanilla. A wine suitable to red meat and cheese. A wine with future.
2003 Rose wine De Linie 2003

Fresh and fruity rose wine (12% alcohol) with a fine rose color and pure flavour. Harmonious balance between stimulating and refreshing acids and joyful juice of red fruit. Unique dutch wine with french charm.

White wine De Linie 2003

Wine year 2003 was characterized as hot and lots of sun. De Linie grapes took great advantage of it. Vintage 2003 provided white wine with a fresh fragrant bouquet and a beautiful rich color. One of the finest vintages of De Linie proving themselves again.

Red wine De Linie 2003

Deep rich color and a healthy bouquet of fresh fruit with hints of vanilla. Those are the primary characteristics of a succesful vintage 2003. This wine has everything to be a dignified dutch exponent to many french red wine. The Linie on its best !!
2002 A very succesful vintage leading to the best wine ever made by De Linie. Fresh and vivid white wine, pale yellow colored and a fine body and a very good taste.
2001 Fine colored wine with a delicious developed bouquet. This 2001 vintage has associations to a Chardonnay.
2000 This wine year was blessed with a sunny august and september. Grape ripening was optimal and sugars contributed largely to wine body. Low acid content gave the wine South-French character.


Due to excellent climatic conditions one of the best white wines was produced. Summer was good, but autumn even better providing a very long maturing time for the grapes yielding a high sugar content and low acidity.


Due to a terribly wet summer sugar formation fell short. Luckily enough we had a terrific autumn compensating slightly for the summer. After all the wine was pretty good but "too quick". It should have been drunk before 2001.


It was quite a good year, but due to some drought stress acid content was a little lower.

Fish and red meat

White wine from our vineyard can be qualified as a dry, white wine, rich of flavor, fruity and fresh with a long after taste. Best drunk with fish or even red meat.