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Meet the owner

Vineyard owner Marius van Stokkom was born in 1946. He studied food technology and graduated in 1972. He has been a renowned process technologist at a world-wide well known beer brewery.

Due to his excellent knowledge of fermentation and biochemical processes in general he decided to start making wine of his own grapes in 1977.
After having experimented with different kind of grapes and different kind of processes for a couple of years he decided to enlarge the vineyard and became a commercial winemaker.

Convince wine enthusiasts

Marius says: “ From the moment I decided to go commercial, I realised that wine from a country like The Netherlands would be so odd, that there was only one argument to convince wine enthusiasts: make the best wine you can produce, regardless of the effort”. His background as food technologist was a great benefit. MariusMarius continuous: “I exactly knew what kind of equipment was necessary and how to threat grapes and juice. I talked to famous wine makers in well-known wine areas and bought equipment. Then I started experimenting with all kind of grapes. After a couple of years I was able to select the best grapes suitable for the soil in the vineyard and the local climate.“