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Produced wine and the vineyard

The vineyard measures over 4 acres. Annual wine production amounts to about 60hl/ha. To improve the quality of the wine the picking of the grapes is done at the latest possible moment. This will improve the quality, but will reduce the final quantity. Therefore wine from our vineyard is not a bulk product but a specialty.
International competitions

An important aspect in making wine is the gradual increase of quality that takes place after the "cepages pas" (blending of different grape varieties) are mixed into one vintage wine. This procedure is similar to the production of top quality wines in French areas like Champagne, Bordeaux and Rhône. Several silver awards won on world-famous international competitions in Slovenia (Ljubljana) form proof of our superb wine quality.

Only by operating under extreme purity conditions during vinification, and because of the Bottlingpresence of famous “cépages” (= grape varieties) with a firm backbone, our wine gets excellent preservation properties. During storage in a dark, chilly cellar, bottled wine will form some “gout de petrol”, due to presence of Riesling grapes. Storage of bottled wine is possible up to 5 years. Even 10 years are possible in case of ideal circumstances. This is an advantage over most other commercial white wines that tend to lose quality quite rapidly.

All the artisan way

We still experiment with new kinds of grapes to improve the wine quality. We especially pay Harvestattention to species having improved natural resistance towards diseases, resulting in reduced spraying labor. Due to the humid Dutch climate we seek for grapes having open, loose bunches which dry up quickly after showers of rain.
Harvesting, vinification and bottling are all done the artisan way. Well-experienced volunteers assist Marius harvesting and bottling in autumn and spring. Marius explains: "This product is so unique that quite a lot of people want to help during these phases of the process. Over the years these people, I call them my friends, have gathered so much experience that I can fully rely on their craftmanship. They are one of the key factors in creating a great wine".